We are one of Eastern Norway's leading companies in surveying, 3D laser scanning, quantity calculation and machine control.


Do you appreciate companies who together with their partners, want to understand the project, the framework and see the importance of a satisfactory end result? Do not hesitate to get in touch, we at Geoplan 3D are your right partner!

The country as a workplace, divided into three offices

Geoplan 3D AS, which is one of Eastern Norway's leading surveying companies, performs all types of surveying assignments in construction, industry, and transport. We aim to help streamline every project we are involved in so that the commitment does not become a cost, but an actual benefit for the project.


We are particularly concerned with being at the forefront of technology and started as early as 2004 with 3D laser scanning, a revolutionary measurement technique for accurate and efficient data collection. Today, we are the company that has worked the longest with this technology in Norway.


With over 20 years of experience from a number of different types of projects with strict tolerance requirements, we have established good routines and a separate quality assurance system for post-calculations and documentation.


Geoplan 3D AS headquarter is in Kapp-Østre Toten, with branch offices in Oslo and Hamar. We are a group of 25 ambitious employees, and the company has solid finances and good development. In 2009 we became a gazelle company and in 2019 Geoplan 3D AS was named the company of the year in eastern and western Toten.

The Team
Odd Erik Mjørlund
Stine Røise Mjørlund
Office manager
Hanne Hubred
Trond Eric Slettum
Senior engineer / Engineering
Jon David Tandsæther
Kalkulation/ Engineering
Johnny Stenseth
Project koordinator
Dennis H Kristiansen
BIM Koordinator
Håkon Ramstad
Rafal  Jarzab
Vojin Lezaic
Cecilie F Rasmussen
Alberto Thormodsen
Jason Brooks
Kim Straumsnes
Wojciech Sagan
Malgorzata Sagan
Paulina Sagan