3D Laser scanning og BIM

Geoplan 3D performs laser scanning and modeling with a passion for precision. In 2003 we started with 3D laser scanning and since 2007, scan to BIM has been one of our largest investment areas that have made us the Norwegian leaders in equipment, expertise, and software.


With 3D laser scanning, we should at all times be the company best at recreating man-made construction in digital 3D format. Since 2003, we have used 3D laser scanning as a technique for documentation of all types of construction, oil and gas industry, terrain intervention, industry in general, transport, power industry, and historical-cultural monuments.
This technology is under great development and has countless uses!

Laser scanning is a revolutionary method of capturing georeferenced data!

The method provides a point cloud that describes surfaces accurately in detail. The point cloud is processed to various results such as BIM models, 3d-Dwg, PDMS models, cookers, and line models.


Geoplan 3D started with laser scanning in 2003 and was thus the first company in Norway to start with this technique. We have always had scanning as one of our largest focus areas, so we are proud to have one of Europe's largest equipment stocks with state-of-the-art scanners from Trimble, Leica, and geoslam.

By using a laser scanner, we can generate a point cloud that is exactly down to the millimeter. This point cloud can be targeted, oriented, and planned. Geoplan 3D takes this many steps further by offering to model the scanned building. This model then becomes the foundation for a geometrically correct and accurate BIM model. The model is easily exported to IFC, Step, DWG with more. We also supply the model as a Revit file if desired.


Bridges and tunnels
Street Situations
3D manhole-cards

Buildings and BIM models
The perfect tool for rehab projects

Oil, gas and
industrial sites

Terrain and
municipal engineering
the right technology for terrain models 


3d laser scanning is the most effective technique for obtaining precise geometric data of different surfaces.

We have experience in scanning bridges, tunnels, railways, station areas, flight terminals, street situations, quays, and most types of terrain intervention.

With our broad experience of scanning different types of projects, we are well used to adapting our delivery to fit naturally into the existing data flow on the project.

We supply 3d models on the formats: rwt, dwg, dxf, dgn ifc, step, mm.

Build and BIM models


We start with 3d laser scanning of buildings in 2003 and thus have long experience on many different types of projects. The projects vary a lot both, in building type and size. The most important thing for us is that we need to come in and understand each building in order to share a successful project.

We have long experience in modeling building models in Revit and have our own BIM department.

We will provide a geometrically correct BIM model that your architect and consultant can work on.

If you need surveying a small apartment, house, townhouse, hospital, shopping center, industrial building, or anything else, just contact us for a conversation about your project. We certainly got the solution you need.



We have experience with 3d scanning from many offshore installations and oil tankers. We have also scanned as-built documentation of many subsea installations at shipyards.

The land-based industry also has much of the same needs for 3d data as the oil/gas industry and we have gradually gained broad experience in many types of industry.

We supply 3d models on the formats: rwt, dwg, dxf, dgn ifc, step, mm.

Municipal Engineering


We have experience with 3d laser scanning of many purifications and water treatment plants. The plants we scan are often inside mountains but also as detached buildings.

We also have a special solution for scanning manholes and pumping stations.

We supply 3d models on the formats: rwt, dwg, dxf, dgn IFC, step, mm.